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Hawk AeroSafety provides industry-leading aviation safety training through multiple learning channels, reducing organization expense and simplifying the training process.

From focused in-person training events to online eLearning courses through our learning platform 'AVIA Advance', we have your needs covered.
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eLearning Solutions
Online safety training through AVIA Advance, our new app and web-based learning system.
Hosted Training
Professional and focused safety training events at your organization.
Training Program Development
Your safety training, professional developed by our expert team.

Training Courses

We offer a wide range of aviation safety training courses, but here's a sample:

Human Factors (HF)

The understanding of human behaviors can aid in the recognition of potential human factors and address them before they develop into a problem that result in an incident. 

Human factors awareness training leads to an environment that ensures continuing individual and operational safety, improved work quality and a more responsible work force.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Including aviation medical resource management (AMRM), single pilot (SRM)and maintenance-focused (MRM) training.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) training tackles team engagement and management concepts in aviation activities. The focus is on teammate communications and interactions, sound decision making principles and methods to enhance situational awareness.

Safety Leadership

Management teams in aviation organizations need to not only be fully aware of the responsibilities in their aviation safety program/SMS, but also to understand key principles around effective safety leadership.

This includes topics such as safety engagement, risk management, safety promotion, creating a positive and just safety culture, and more. 

Investigations & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Are you fully investigating incidents and near-misses to address the true root cause?

Many organizations miss this crucial step and end up only addressing the symptom. Proper root cause analysis techniques allow strong risk mitigation and lower company risk . 

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

SMS training for employees at all levels is essential to understand how the program functions to improve operational safety.
SMS training should be provided to all teammates in the organization so everyone understands their role, responsibilities and importance to the program.


Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Does your organization have, or is looking to implement an FAA ASAP program?  

Our ASAP training courses for employees or program staff fully covers all aspects of the program. This includes the reporting process, FAA memorandum of understanding (MOU), Event Review Committee (ERC) and investigation process. 

Emergency Response Preparedness & Planning

Ensure your teams are trained and ready to respond to an aviation or ground incident/event.

Emergency response and preparedness training provides the skills to properly react to emergency situations, to better protect individuals and assist others.  

Aviation Security

Aviation security awareness training for all organization teammates to reduce exposure and vulnerabilities.

Provides training on security assessment, policies, incident prevention and effective threat response. 

OSHA for Aviation Operators

OSHA safety compliance training developed toward the needs of busy aviation organizations.

OSHA training is often found to be a weaker area in company training during evaluations. Ensure that your employees are fully aware and trained in the pertinent OSHA safety standards.  


AVIA Advance is our new eLearning platform for virtual training. 

Providing a convenient and affordable training method for individuals and organizations, AVIA Advance is accessible by iOS and Android app, or any web browser. 


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