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Episode 3: Crew Resource Management and the Reluctant Safety Activist

with guest Randy Mains,
Author and Chief CRM Instructor,
Oregon Aero.  
Matt interviews renowned crew resource management facilitator and aviation safety professional Randy Mains. We talk about his fascinating career journey, his experiences as a CRM instructor and the importance of personal connection in safety training. He also discusses his many books on the helicopter industry and his role as a safety activist. 

We look at the positive trends in helicopter safety technology, the changing role of crews in UAS operations, the importance of focusing on the basics in safety programs and the need for leadership buy-in. 

Episode 2: Safety Innovation - 
The ATS Device

with guest Tyson Phillips,
AT Systems LLC.  
In this podcast, Matt interviews Tyson Phillips from AT Systems about their revolutionary aviation safety product, the ATS Device. This incredible electronic training visor system enables immersive degraded visual environment (DVE) training and simulation. 

The conversation spans multiple aviation topics,  includes the benefits of this system, scenario-based training, organizations learning from accidents and the changing culture of organizations sharing their mistakes.

Episode 1: We Speak the Same Safety Language

with guest Juliette Floyd,
EHS Manager at Ken's Foods Inc.  
Did you say food? In this first podcast Matthew takes an unusual approach to aviation safety by interviewing Juliette Floyd, Environment, Health and Safety Manager for the well renowned Kens Foods, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV. 

With a look into a different industry we can view the similarities and differences in day-to-day safety operations and identify key takeaways to consider for our own aviation safety programs.

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