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Aviation Safety 

Hawk AeroSafety specializes in consulting with aviation organizations to help them reach safety excellence.
Full Safety Program Support
Supporting and guiding all aspects of your safety program to peak performance.
Targeted Support
Focused support to meet a particular need, such as building an internal evaluation program (IEP) or safety management system (SMS)
Embedded Safety Support
For extended support, our Virtual Safety Professional (VSP) program provides you a dedicated safety professional.

Safety consultant Benefits

Pure Safety Focus
A safety consultant becomes a valued safety partner with a sole focus – developing and supporting your safety program. They identify opportunities for improvement based on industry best practices, regulations and experience.
Independent and Actionable Evaluation
An external set of eyes can offer fresh perspectives on risk and offer new insights into risk mitigation. The consultant has the skills and knowledge to save the organization time and money, while developing scalable and effective safety solutions.
Your organization may already have an established safety program, but having developed it internally you can be too close to the process to effectively assess its strengths and weaknesses. A consultant can also help breathe new life into a program, bringing forward new concepts and methods.
Timely and Cost-Effective
For companies without a safety program, a safety consultant can help you build and manage a compliant program quickly and efficiently, including the necessary training. No time is wasted in trying to figure out the process or requirements necessary.

Popular Services & Support

Hawk AeroSafety provides focused support for our clients,
our most commonly request services are:

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Development of a structured and deliberate program for organization risk management.

Emergency Preparedness & Planning

To plan and train for aviation incident response and business continuity/recovery.

Internal Evaluation Programs (IEP)

To drive progressive program improvement and continued regulatory compliance.

How can we help?

Hawk AeroSafety assists clients in many areas of their flight and ground operations. In addition to the above mentioned services, we have assisted clients with:
Fatigue risk management
Root cause analysis for investigations
Active shooter/hostile event procedures
Helicopter landing zone safety
Safety culture surveys and strategy
Bird/wildlife strike mitigation
Safety risk assessment processes and
Leadership safety management coaching
and many more projects.

Ready for your next step in safety?

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