Safety and Technical Audits

Safety Auditing

Hawk AeroSafety’s trusted safety auditing is specifically geared to ensure your operation maintains the highest level of aviation safety, quality and reliability.

Our highly skilled auditors are professionals in their field, providing the highest levels of audit quality and value to our clients.
Auditing Services
Professional on site aviation auditing services.
Audit Support
Expert support to prepare for upcoming aviation audits.
Audit/Evaluation Program Development
Developing robust internal evaluation (IEP) and audit programs.

The importance of evaluation and auditing.

Our operational safety and technical audits are intended to ensure that your organization meets or exceeds regulatory standards, whilst complying with your set organizational standards. Evaluations play a key role safety assurance and supporting an organization's continuous improvement efforts.

We are committed to provide meaningful and actionable recommendations for our client’s to enhance safety and quality throughout their aviation operations. 

IS-BAO Accredited Auditors

Hawk AeroSafety is proud to hold accredited auditor status with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) International Standards for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) program. 

In addition to auditing, Hawk provides IS-BAO gap analysis and consulting support to aid organizations seeking IS-BAO certification, assisting in standards compliance. 

Focused Audit Programs

Hawk AeroSafety not only supports organizations particpiating in the larger industry standard audit programs, but also offers a tailored audit and evaluations to meet specific operator needs. These evaluations aim to provide the highest

Operation/Mission Specific Audits

Tailored audits that focus on quality, safety and risk management of specific operations.

Industry Best Practice Evaluations

Evaluation to provide actionable guidance on industry best practices for safety and efficiency.

SMS Standards & Performance Audit

SMS evaluation based on FAA, ICAO and SMSICG standards to ensure compliance/performance.

Audit Support 
& Preparation

Hawk AeroSafety provides expert support to organizations preparing for upcoming audits/evaluation and those starting with new audit processes.

Our experienced team will assist your organization in meeting specific audit standards and implementing effective processes to ensure continued compliance.

Department of Defense Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) audits
Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS) Audits
International Standards of Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) audits

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