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Safety & Compliance Auditing

A comprehensive and independant audit is a valuable step in identifying potential gaps in an organization's safety program and potential compliance issues. Audits provide meaningful intelligence on how an organization can strengthen their safety processes to reduce organizational risk.

Hawk Aerosafety are experienced in all aspects of aviation auditing and  lead auditor trained to ISO9001:2015 standards. We are proud to be accredited auditors for the industry respected International Standards for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO)


Building your Aviation Safety Program

Whilst most companies strive for implementing a full SMS, most will start their safety journey by building out a simpler structured aviation safety program. We provide support at all levels of safety program maturity, from collaboratively building safety policies, providing management safety awareness training through to initial risk management process efforts.

Allow Hawk to help guide you, to build a solid safety foundation and a program built on industry best practices.


Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning.

Significant adverse impacts can result from direct or even indirect disruption to operations. From an aviation emergency to natural disasters, appropriate response and coordinated actions to emergencies can significantly mitigate the severity of their impacts. It is critical that aviation organizations have in place emergency response and contingency plans (ERP) to ensure a rapid response and a swift return to operations.

In addition, operators are wise to also have a business continuity plan (BCP), which goes beyond the immediate unplanned incident mitigation, to build and improve organizational resilience for quick disruption recovery.


Your Partner in SMS Implementation.

Safety Management Systems are the gold standard in risk management. With actual expertise and experience in SMS voluntary programs in Part 91 and 135 operations, let us guide you through the process and simplify the FAA's 14 CFR Part 5.


Convenient and Effective Safety Training.

Effective and impactful training on your terms. We offer both in-person and remote learning options on a wide array of training on safety, security and emergency response topics.

For our eLearning solutions, we offer both live events and self-paced courses through our tailored online learning management system. This offers organizations simple, structured and cost effective training that is simple to administer.


Engaging Training Media.

We see the power and flexibility of eLearning and computer-based training solutions. From animation of systems through to engaging video presentations, we are happy to explore custom digital training options to delight our customers.


Here are some examples of video based eLearning modules we are working on right now!
SMS: For Leadership Personnel

Why have an SMS at all? What does it involve? What is the return on investment? This module provides leadership-focussed training, with overview of an SMS, the stages to implementation and the groundwork needed to form an effective program.

Emergency Response: Planning

Aviation emergencies vary widely in scale, but timely and effective response is crucial for both crisis management and business continuity. Most smaller operators fail to have even a basic Emergency Response Plan (ERP) or planned drills. Our training walks through the fundamentals of emergency response, effective planning and training best practices.

Organizational Risk Management

Are you using a change management process? What about risk assessments? Third party risk? It doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming, but is essential to help your organization to avoid 'flying blind'. Once established you will be astounded at what becomes visible and the benefits of this structured approach to risk mitigation. We detail the step by step process of effective risk management and the stages to developing your organization's documented risk management process.

Emergency Response: Exercises & Drills

The only way to determine if your emergency response planning is effective is to practice it, in a way that is as realistic as possible. We will show you the steps in creating and planning emergency response exercises, active table-top exercises with third parties and the proper after-action analysis of results.

Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

Thorough investigations of accidents, incidients and occurrences not only pave the way to a safer organization, but also often lead to more effective and cost-efficent operations. The basics of investigating an event and determining the root cause will be presented, potential focus areas of human performance and recommendations for documenting the procedure.

Safety Culture

Safety culture is the kingpin of an effective aviation safety program or SMS, but can you define it? How can you measure it? What is a 'Just Culture' and how does that play a part? This module tackles the proper understanding of what a positive safety culture is, what forms it and how to build a progressive safety culture in your organization through defined steps.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

- Charles Darwin -

Don't Take Our Word for It


Matthew West Company Founder


Hawk was founded by Matthew West, an experienced aviation safety professional who has served in senior aviation safety positions for two of the country's leading Part 135 organizations, in the air medical and tourism fields. In addition, Matthew was proud to have served his community as a law enforcement helicopter pilot,  also working as a commercial helicopter pilot and instructor.

Matthew has been a long serving member of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) and the International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP).

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